Here’s a life-changing question for product creators that desire to generate more product income than they are currently …

What’s the difference between collecting virtual income that creates product scalability for your business

…and collecting virtual dust on products that missed the mark on marketing to even get noticed online?


If you guessed…

how much free content you write. You would be wrong.

how many affiliates you have promoting your product. You would be mistaken.

or how many sales emails you send out to your list. You would still be ever so badly mistaken. 

Because at the end of the day, it isn’t about how many people see your product, but how you create your content and marketing to attract your customers to you… naturally!

Like anything else in the world, there are two ways of doing things: pushing your product on someone who isn’t interested and attracting the people who want what you have to offer.

If attracting the people who want what you have to offer is what you want in your online business …

You’ll want to discover how to create and market a product

so you can experience scalable converting strategies.

Here’s what you will need to know about content and marketing creation that has your customers engaged with your content on social media, on your blog, and in your email. When your content flows in a strategic way it turns your audience into customers … naturally.

While the potential for every piece of content to create a strategic content flow is very possible, it takes content and marketing strategies to experience product scalability.

With content and marketing strategies in place, the days of creating a product that only collects virtual dust will become a thing of the past as you begin to experience the strategies of attracting your market naturally. 

The internet can be so overwhelming with all the well-meaning marketing advice at your finger tips, leaving you feeling unsure of how to market your product without feeling like a used car salesman.

If you’re anything like me when I started to marketing a product in a way that attracts your market naturally, you know that you don’t want to be spamming social media all day, every day that requires a never-ending blog to do list while focusing on increasing pageviews for ad revenue. Yet being ‘new‘ to online business, you may be unsure how to create social media content that evokes action, let alone how to position your product for profits.

The more I committed to creating strategic content and marketing, the more I began to realize that product scalability depended on converting strategies. The more scalable my income became, the more confident I became in my content and marketing strategies that serves my way to sales. However, I was eager to create a system for my content and marketing strategies that would increase conversion rates the more I focused on converting strategies.

As I faithfully implemented the converting strategies surrounding my content and marketing strategies, I began to increase my product income.  However, when I began to commit to planning my blog content, my emails, and my social media content with converting strategies, I began to experience product scalability that I didn’t know was possible.

It felt great to finally experience scalability that follows a proven plan that can be duplicated quarter after quarter!

Now, I help product creators remove the virtual dust on their products that occurs when their product doesn’t convert inside their store to create strategic content and marketing quarter after quarter while transforming the lives of their customers.

But before I share that with you, I want to tell you about why the majority of product creators aren’t getting these types of results that they deeply desireand deserve

The REAL Reason Most Product Creators Aren’t Experiencing Scale Income

I’ve been creating products since 2014, just 2 years after becoming a blogger with the sole purpose of making money to pay of nearly $11,000 of local business debt. By the time I became a product creator, my debt had been paid off and I was building a very profitable blog around ad income and sponsorship income.

It wasn’t until my blog flatlined for weeks in 2016, flatlining my profits for six months that I really became serious about product creation and marketing. When I got my traffic back up to over 100,000 page views a month, and my site was removed from ad blacklists that I realized that I was building other people’s business while working endless hours with the hamster wheel of the never-ending blog to do list. 

I knew it was time to put my efforts into product creation and marketing. 

But I asked myself what did that really look like?

I have witnessed so many product creators who were creating products based on what their analytics were telling them and the stress of marketing their product, but unsure why they don’t get the conversions from all of the marketing that they are doing on their blog, in their emails, and on their social media platforms.

I know hundreds of product creators that are creating content for endless hours, year after year, and yet, no closer to experiencing reliable income. Sadly, their family’s financial future isn’t any closer to being dependable either, even though they have been faithfully posting on their blog and on social media.

I knew that I needed different strategies if I wanted different results.

Product creators are some of the most dedicated people I know and deserve to experience how converting strategies truly leads to scalable income.

But they are stuck doing the wrong things, even though they keep getting the same results. 

I’m talking about…

  • Faithfully adding new posts to their blog on a regular basis
  • Pinning on Pinterest consistently
  • Participating in share threads
  • Active on multiple social media platforms
  • Sending out weekly newsletters with your new blog posts
  • Participating in bundle sales 
  • And the list goes on and on…

The good news is that this list can STOP right now and replaced with income-generating tasks that are focused on product scalability.

You see, these things are fueled by the WRONG things that keeps product creators providing the wrong type of free content to their audience, instead of creating a dependable financial future for their families by product focused content and marketing that will scale their income. 

The truth is that if you want different results, you need to do things differently.

But first, you need to know exactly what the converting strategies are that leads to scalable income from your products.

The truth is that scalable income require you to plan strategic content and market centered around your product

Scalable income fact: you need to BUILD your authority around your product’s topic and then SERVE you way to sales.

Those two things will attract those in your market that’s ready to buy and convert scalable income.

Scalable income centered around your products is the only way to build an online business that you have control over

But here’s the thing…

To get scalable income, people have to discover your product and trust you before purchasing your product.

The flaw of today’s online marketing methods focused on two types of buying attributes …

√ The impulse behavior of buyers 

√ The bargain hunting skills of conservative buyers

This marketing method leads to high refunds and bad product reviews as well as a lower price value in the mind of your market.

It is only when a product creator attracts those in the market to buy that they will experience product scalability. 

To experience product scalability, you need to strategically plan product focused content and marketing on your blog, in your email, and on social media.

You have a decision to make … keep doing what you’re doing or discover how to become a converting marketer.

All product creators do what they do for the sole purpose of earning an income from their product.

Often times, product creators just plunge head first into creating a product without much thought to their marketing plan.

Many product creators believe that if you create a product and put it on their blog (the location where purchases can be made) that people will find it and buy it.

The truth is that marketing has never been that easy.

More importantly, marketing will never be that easy.

To make any money on a product, you must be thinking about your on-going content and marketing that will attract your audience to your product as their next step. The more you strategically plan your content on your blog, in your emails, and on social media the higher your conversion rate will be, if it’s product focused marketing.

Here’s Why Most Products Never Create Scalable Income

Product creators often go by the seat of their pants when marketing a product.

Most product creators lack strategies needed to convert an audience into customers because of key essentials are missing.

With a finished product, you believe it is enough to make a profit.

You pull together a team of affiliates to help get the word out about your product and position yourself to earn money.

You begin promoting your product everywhere.

You send out email after email to your previously neglected list.

You spend hours pushing hard during a launch period while motivating your team of affiliates with prizes to do the same.

You desire to scale your profits, so you put your product in a bundle or on sale and hit the same people with a different offer.

You close cart with some sales making your results feel worth your sales efforts. 

But now what?

For most product creators they move on to the next opportunity to make money.

The new customers they worked hard to convert is now a part of their past and they no longer exist in their mind or their efforts.

The focus is turned to thoughts of where to find the next customer.

Attention goes back to building more of an affiliate team to help launch bigger next time.

All the energy goes to building frontend marketing with new people and more efforts.

No thought has been given to the previous customers and if their lives were transformed by the purchase of your product.

In preparation to launch again, you reach out to gather stories of your product’s transformation in the lives of your customers.

But all you hear is crickets…

Your customers aren’t responding to your request for success stories.

Knowing the importance of having someone validate your product, you begin reaching out to your affiliate team, asking them to give your product a thumbs up.

The affiliates jump on the opportunity to have a call out of their blog with your product’s promotion.

With a type of product validation, you push forward with another sales campaign with a bonus heavy product leading the way.

And for all of your hard work (and sleepless nights), you have either earned some money for your efforts or you close cart with little to no return on your efforts.

Of perhaps, you were one of the lucky ones who had a 5 or 6-figure launch, or maybe even a 7-figure launch that later realized that the cost of the ad campaigns, affiliate commission and bonuses left you with very little profits for yourself.

This is what you believe that product creators everywhere experiences, so you just keep going in this cycle chasing customers the same way you see others doing.

Unsatisfied with the bottom line of all your marketing efforts, you begin seeking of ways to succeed as a product marketer but you’re afraid to try something new.


  REAL TRUTH: When you focus on serving your audience,
scalable profits are a beautiful side effect of serving.

Serving before, during, and after conversion creates scalable income…

With the right content and marketing strategies in place for how to serve before, during, and after the conversion of turning your audience into customers, you will begin to experience your product selling naturally.

There are key things that have to be done correctly for product creators to experience the product scalability. 

To do that, you need to…

  • Discover strategies to create product focused content that protects your product content
  • Unlock the converting essentials to turn your audience into customers
  • Have a pulse on your audience’s language surrounding your product’s topic
  • Understand how to leverage your audience’s language to convert sales.
  • Sharpen your marketing skills in a way that focused on the most lucrative ways to position your product.
  • Develop skills in content creation that will encourage purchasing your product
  • Devote your time and energy to income-generating tasks around your product
  • Plan a strategic marketing campaign to convert higher profits
  • Work your strategic plan to convert 5-figure sales and beyond

With these things as your guide in content and marketing strategies, you’ll build scalability into your product moving forward. 

But here’s the thing…

To do this correctly, you’ll need to have TWO things guiding your decisions.

The first thing is building your Unique Authority Factor™ that will have you standing out like an iceberg on the internet, even in a saturated market.

The second thing is serving your way to sales to move your audience through the Know, Like, and Trust factors that are necessary to convert sales. 

With these two things guiding your decisions, you’ll be attracting those in your market who are ready to buy and converting to 5-figure sales and beyond. 

BUT here’s the thing…

The strategies that creates product scalability also lead to increasing the lifetime value of a customer. 

What It’s Like Being a Converting Marketer

Being the owner of scalable products that naturally generates word of mouth referrals while increasing the lifetime value of my customers has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done for my business.

Knowing that I’m able to change lives because of the content and marketing strategies that convert has changed my life beyond the profits.

Converting $16,891 with ONE 5-day Workshop for a homeschool product without a team or affiliates is what converting strategies have done for my business. 

By focusing on my Unique Authority Factor™ and serving my way to sales, I’ve building my beyond business. 


Are you ready to STRATEGICALLY plan your product focused content and marketing to convert 5-figure sales and beyond?

The fact that you are still reading this…

  • I KNOW you have a strong desire to change lives with a product that can create scalability in your business.
  • I KNOW you are done with marketing efforts that keep you focus on profits, not the people you desire to serve.
  • I KNOW you have a desire to succeed as a product creator even though you face fear and doubt (like everyone else) if you have what it takes to convert 5-figure sales.
  • I KNOW you desire to be intentional about income-generating tasks so you can experience the beautiful side-effect of serving your way to sales.
  • I KNOW you are ready to strategize product focused content and market for your blog, emails and social media on an on-going basis.

And that’s why I’m overjoyed to invite you to join me in … The Conversion Plan™ program, where I’ll coach you
every step of the way to convert 5-figure sales and beyond 
while increasing the lifetime value of your customers.

It’s strategy, not size, that matters.

This program is not for you if… 

  • You don’t have a product already
  • Your product hasn’t already converted 4-figure sales 
  • You don’t desire to use social media
  • You don’t desire to work on your product focused business with income-generating tasks for eight to ten hours weekly (40 hours a month)

And the BEST part is…

With The Conversion Plan™,
you can use these strategies quarter after quarter
to convert 5-figure sales & beyond.


The Conversion Plan™ Program is a 6-month coaching program broken up into week-by-week tasks for the step-by-step content and marketing strategies that you’ll drop in
a done-for-you 90-Day Conversion Plan you can use quarter after quarter
to convert to 5-figure sales and beyond.

The Conversion Plan™ is a conversion marketing program
centered around a core plan.

 By the end of this 6-month program, you will have held three strategically created marketing events using proven product focused content strategies by using a done-for-you 90-Day Conversion Plan™ to market your on-going content, email content, and social media content to convert 5-figure sales and beyond.

The Conversion Plan™ program includes:

Coaching EVERY Step of the Way


Unlimited questions inside the client community inside the hub. I coach personal responses to client’s questions FIVE days a week, Monday through Friday at two different times a day. Once in the mid-morning and the other in the mid-afternoon. 


Pre-submit ONE concise question for a 5-minute ONE-ON-ONE coaching slot to get my eye on your product creation and marketing elements one piece at a time throughout the six stages. Calls happen on 1st & 3rd Mondays @ 1 PM EDT. REPLAYS are added to the Program’s Hub.




($1,000 Value)

Getting my eye on your work all the way through this 6-month program is all ready included. 

But that is me looking at one piece at a time over a period of SIX MONTHS. 

If you’re one of the FIRST 10 people who enroll within the first 24 hours, you’ll secure a ONE HOUR one-on-one DEEP DIVE with me. During this time, I’ll look to confirm that you’ve created the conversion essentials into your marketing events and sales page prior to you marketing it to the public. 

I’ll be able to coach you in any tweaks with all the pieces laid out together to give you confidence that you’ve done it in a way that moves from serving to converting naturally.

Don’t miss this exclusive “FAST ACTION” bonus because it is only available for those who timestamp on their payment proves they are one of the FIRST 10 buyers. This bonus expires when 10 people have enrolled or at 24 hours, which ever comes first. 

Whichever one comes first – NO EXCEPTIONS!











Do you want to stand out like a professional on the internet, but you lack the graphic design skills to do that?

If that is the case, you will want to ACT FAST before the clock hits ZERO, so you can secure CREATE GRAPHICS THAT SELL VIDEO VAULT ($997 value) – absolutely FREE!

CREATE MARKETING GRAPHICS THAT CONVERT TEMPLATE & VIDEO VAULT includes customized Canva templates for EVERY graphic that you’ll need to create for your product, social media, marketing events, and marketing along with strategic HOW TO videos of how to edit each of the templates to create a professional brand on your own. 

In the market where social media proves that graphics matter, you need to do your part to stand out in your market’s feed, or they will NEVER discover your solution to their problem. 

Hiring a graphic designer to create your brand for you can easily cost thousands of dollars. 

With CREATE MARKETING GRAPHICS THAT CONVERT TEMPLATE & VIDEO VAULT, I’ll show you how to create your professional brand while implement the strategies inside this program. 

This will save you TONS of time and money while creating graphics and resources that will ATTRACT your target market to you!










Discover how to create content that converts your audience into customers!

The Create Content That Converts is a step-by-step strategy for all your on-going content and marketing content that you’ll be creating inside this program.

There are a lot of strategies to think about when you’re creating free content for your audience and reserved content for your subscribers.

This download makes it easy to creating converting content that turns your audience and subscribers into customers.










(assuming you enroll with when the LAUNCH KIT action bonuses are available)


(PRICE expires on Tuesday, August 11th at 10 PM ET)

You Probably Have These Questions Going Through
Your Mind Right Now…

Q: Is this program right for me if I don’t have a product idea yet?

A: No! The Conversion Plan™ is meant for those who already have an amazing product that has a minimum of 4 figure sales.

If you don’t have a product yet, you’ll want to start with Idea to Income Method™.

Q: Why isn’t there a refund or cancellation policy for this program?

A: The Conversion Plan™ program is a 100% committed program for those who are ready and serious about taking their product to 5-figure sales and beyond. This program is based on my content and marketing strategies where I give you the WHAT, HOW, and WHEN, so you can the RESULTS you desire and deserve.  I serve deep before, during, and after converting my customers for the sole purpose of getting them a transformation that changes their life.

I’m 100% committed to my client’s transformation to convert 5-figure sales and beyone, with their first scalable quarter inside this program that can be done quarter after quarter.

I’m here to change lives… your family’s financial life!

Q: Will I get personal help to coach me through content creation?

A: Absolutely! Content creation is my zone of genius. Not only do I provide the strategies of WHAT to create and HOW to create it, along with the WHEN to create it, if you act quickly, you’ll also get Canva templates and strategic ‘how to’ tutorials that will have you creating your content faster than you realized. 

Q: Is this the price it will be in the next time enrollment opens up?

A: No! The price will be increasing significantly after the date specified.

The retail price this program will sell for is $5,000 pay in full or 6 monthly payments of $897. The same content and marketing strategies, plus coaching every step of the way. 

Q: How long will I have access to the program?

A: The Conversion Plan™ is a SIX month program. When your program period is over, your access to the program hub will be removed.

You’ll still have access to the downloads and the Asana Systems to keep scaling quarter after quarter. 

Q: What happens if I don’t get my three marketing events launched in the 6-month program?

A: The Conversion Plan™ program has been designed to move you through each stage of the program to 5-figure sales with a planned out comsumption plan. The step-by-step implementing has been built to get you there in 6 months.

You’ll want to be sure to plan for eight-ten hours a week to work on income-generating tasks to build a scalable business. I give you every task for you, so you can hit the group running so you can experience 5-figure sales and beyond during this program.

However, if you are not able to get to 5-figures in that amount of time, you can enroll for another 6-month program at the same price that you enrolled with.