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Roadmap PLUS is the perfect group coaching membership because it will provide you with the expertise to keep you moving forward in implementing in the key areas you’ll most likely get stuck…

But, before I go into the what of Roadmap Plus, let me introduce you to the experts that you will have full access to their expertise in a group coaching setting…

Dollie Freeman
Your Blog & Ad Strategist 

Shaun Penrod
Your Tech Wizard 


STRATEGY – The Roadmap provides you with the exact strategy you’ll need to build a scalable business from your blog. However, although the strategy steps are there every stage of the way, you may get stuck with get the RIGHT strategies for your content. That’s where getting group coaching straight from the ‘Blog Strategist’ and creator of the Roadmap can help you put those strategies straight into your blog for YOUR market.

TECH – The Roadmap strategies requires tech to implement. If you’re not tech savvy, like me, you’ll want to tap into the Roadmap’s very own ‘Tech Wizard’ who knows every tech the strategies use inside the Roadmap, and then some. Don’t let tech leave you like a deer in headlights any more. Instead, let our tech walk you through how to overcome your tech struggles and get implementing faster.

ADS – The Roadmap strategies make joining the online world of advertising easier than ever… yet, you may just stop short of pulling the trigger on paid advertisement. There’s no need to hire an Ad Manger, that can cost your thousands of dollars plus the cost of the ads to get the results you desire. Instead, take charge as your own ad manager by tapping into the growing knowledge of ‘Blog Strategist and creator of the Roadmap, who is a continued student of Facebook & Instagram Advertising. Roadmap PLUS clients are the only students of the Roadmap that will be able to tap into the more advanced ad marketing knowledge as it pertains to their personal ad campaigns, budget strategies, and reporting scrutinizing.



Strategy Talks happens on the 1st Thursday of the month at 2 PM ET. These talks will be done on Zoom as video chats. The purpose of these calls is to get you implementing the strategies into YOUR blog, look at Case Study examples of students who are getting results and how they are doing it, as well as sharing new strategies that move the needle even more for your profits.  


Tech Talks happens on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 2 PM ET. These talks will be done on Zoom as video chats. The purpose of these calls is to get you implementing the tech into YOUR blog, look at Case Study examples of students who are using different tech with the strategies and how they are doing it, as well as sharing new tech that move the needle even more for your profits.


Ad Talks happens on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 2 PM ET. These talks will be done on Zoom as video chats. The purpose of these calls is to get you implementing pixels on YOUR blog, look at Case Study examples of students who are using ads with the strategies and how they are doing it, as well as sharing advanced marketing strategies that move the needle even more for your profits.


PLUS VAULT gets new content on the 4th Thursday of the month (no specific time set). The growing vault will include short & to the point strategy, tech, or ad videos as well as done for you Plug and Play Divi Theme templates. The purpose of the vault is to provide you with new and advance business strategies that move the need even more for your profits.

Last but not least, there’s also the WEEKLY “I’m Stuck” threads for Strategy, Tech, and Ads that are designed to keep you moving in between the group coaching calls. 

Each Monday, these threads will be posted inside the Roadmap PLUS group, one for each area of focus. After you’ve devouted some of your own time processing what you know and what you have available to you inside the Roadmap Course and the PLUS Vault, you can post your question to be answered by one of the experts, or even a knowledge member. 

It’s important to understand that you’ll have full access to the expertise of he experts, Dollie and Shaun, however, that doesn’t mean ‘instant access. Both experts run their own businesses and are structured for family life and weekends off. 

Both experts will answer questions during Monday through Friday as they are able. It’s important that you build in room when launching for areas you may get stuck. 


Roadmap PLUS is NOT a group coaching where the creator of the course is replaced by a coaching team. And here’s why… true scalability should always happen on the audience side, not on the creator side. My promise to my clients is this ‘you’ll have ME at the same capacity throughout this membership‘.

Roadmap PLUS is NOT a ‘do it for me‘ membership where the experts do the heavy lifing for you. And here’s why… you should be the expert to your blog and that includes making the decisions for the blog. My promise to my clients is this ‘My ability to strategize will only come into play when your ability to create content meets me in the middle’.

Roadmap PLUS is NOT a leverage for favorites where relationships built with members provide them with one-on-one coaching or tech help. And here’s why… the 100th member will have the same experience as the 1st member. My promise to my clients is this ‘We will do all coaching as a group, so we all learn, implement, and scale together.’ Consider this my ‘no blogger left behind motto.

Roadmap PLUS is NOT a ‘limited spot’ membership where only a few bloggers have access to this coaching. The only limitation to this coaching is that members must be a student of the Roadmap training program. And here’s why… ‘Scalability happens on the audience side, not on the creator side.’ For me to stay connected to my members, I need to scale the number of members while staying true to the CORE content of this membership: Strategy Talks, Tech Talks, Ad Talks, and Plus Vault.

Roadmap PLUS is NOT a ‘discounted’ membership where it will stay this price for future enrollment. In fact, THIS price is only good through Thursday, September 19th at 11:59 PM ET. And here’s why… this membership, with TWO experts devoted to YOUR shortcut tangible transformation is worth 4X as much. One day, it could easily become that price. Securing your grandfather pricing NOW before this price disappears will save you thousands… yes, thousands a year. 

Roadmap PLUS in NOT an ‘open cart’ membership where you can join it at anytime. You must first be a student of the Roadmap training program. And here’s why… ‘My time is best used helping members implement what they already learned instead of reteaching what has already been created.’ If you don’t join now, you’ll be invited to join at the end of the course for a higher price.


Roadmap PLUS is a membership that has TWO paying option that are currently at FOUNDER’S pricing… and by founding we mean, CRAZY cheap. 

Cheaper than what I charge for ONE-ON-ONE coaching and you get TWO experts!

CRAZY!!!! I know, but it is because we want to knock the socks off our first members… 

But, there is a catch.

Things are a bit still in the making right now but we will be up and running by October 1st. However, the Roadmap PLUS Facebook group is already there for you AND don’t forget you have the Roadmap training program to started while you wait.

Do not think that just because the software is still being worked on that Shaun and I aren’t overjoyed to welcome you into the Roadmap PLUS membership and with get your shortcut tangible transformation.

Because we’ve been working hard behind the scenes pulling this together… just for YOU!

And we’re delighted that you are here and taking advantage of this VERY limited-time pricing.

Speaking of pricing… 

It’s only $3,000 a year for ALL of this! This membership is the best out there for bloggers but the closest comparison goes for $12,000 or more… but that’s with a team of coaches, not the creator of the product. Talk about value!

Told you it was CRAZY!!!

That means you are in the right place at the right time, my friend! 

Now, this $3,000 a year is the annual price, saving you $600 a year (2 months free), and you can add this to your order IMMEDIATELY by clicking the BLUE BUTTON below. 

If you just can’t swing that price right now, but you really want IN at this Founder’s launch, just click the link BELOW the button that says, “I want to pay monthly”. 

You’ll be redirected to add Roadmap PLUS to your order for only $300 a month. 

Go ahead and grab it NOW and we will see you on the inside!


During this Founder’s launch, we’re offering an extended 45-day Conditional Guarantee in place of our regular 30-day.

And here’s why…

We want you to experience a FULL month of CORE deliverables before making a final decision if you want to continue. 

Here’s how it works:

You’ll need to show proof of consuming at least TWO core deliverables. To do that, you’ll need to show up for at least ONE Zoom call (live) and show that you’ve used the Weekly “I’m Stuck” thread or the PLUS Vault content. 

This conditional guarantee helps us to weed out those who are not as committed to their results as we are by laying the requirements up front… you MUST be committed. 

If after you’ve done the TWO core deliverables and you just don’t see the value in what we offer, just send an email to with the proof of your TWO core deliverables and we will reimburse your full investment up to that point. 

If after your Founder’s 45-Day Conditional guarantee is up, you’ll be able to cancel your membership at any time. If you have an annual membership, you’ll have to pay a $600 (free months) cancellation fee for early cancellation. Canceled members will lose immediate access to the HUB and Roadmap PLUS group.