ABOUT ME – Dollie Freeman

I’m a mentor at heart who was once a hardworking blogger trying to pay off $10,892.43 of debt while homeschooling our children.

I wrote from my mentor heart from the beginning.

I invested in attending many blogging conference several times a year. 

I implemented the things that I was learning if I remembered how to do it from the conference.

I believed in working hard to get what you wanted in life.

That is until my blog’s traffic and income flatlined due to issues out of my control. Although I had a pretty large list, I hadn’t nurtured them along the way.

That’s when I became a student of business and began using strategies in my blog to turn my efforts into income. 



Knowing that my blog was misrepresenting what I wrote about, I rebranded Teachers of Good Thing to Joy in the Home in November 2016.

It was a very bumpy road.

The redirects weren’t done properly and Pinterest warned pinners that my pins could be spam because it was redirecting them to a different site than the URL of the pin.

Pinterest was my #1 referral.

My site was dead in the best ad revenue time of the year… Thanksgiving.

Long story short, there was no quick fix to Pinterest’s safety guidelines for their users and I needed help getting my pins working to bring me traffic again. My list was dead due to neglect, so my subscribers weren’t reading my emails that told them I had rebranded.

I was also having issues with the support times of my host at the time, so I switched hosting companies in early 2016.

This new host sounded so technical and I felt safe in his hands as I boarded a week-long cruise with my family. With the internet shut off, I was carefree and everything was right in the world, again.

Until I stepped off the ship and checked on the heartbeat of my blog.

It had flatlined.

My blog was DEAD.

My new host took it upon himself to delete my first blog’s file, erasing years of content and making all of my viral pins on Pinterest have broken links.

The good news to that was that Pinterest’s spam warnings were no longer my issue.

After a few weeks of trying to decide if I quit or take the host to court due to the fact he had also locked me out of my cPanel and wouldn’t try to solve this issue without providing me with his technical support fees, he opened up my cPanel when I gave him 30-minutes before I called a lawyer.

Thankfully, my previous host still had my backup so I was able to restore my first blog’s content and then redirect posts correctly with a new hosting company that I paid nearly 4X more a month for high-quality care of my business.

It was that or quit.

That nightmare was behind me when Pinterest traffic started to come back to my blog on March 1, ’16.

In just three months of that fork in the road, my strategies grew my blog to over 113K pageviews a month. I experienced my first 5K day on June 1st and I must admit, I couldn’t stop watching the Real-Time reporting in Google Analytics.

I was back and it felt amazing.


As good as it felt to get my traffic back, I was chasing ad income. 

I needed new strategies that would grow my blog into a business that was not only profitable but sustainable. 

I started watching The Profit on television. 

As I grew to love the show, I was beginning to take the same business concepts that Marcus Lemonus taught failing business partners and turned them into blog strategies. 

One strategy at a time, I was beginning to focus on building my authority by attracting my target audiences with my marketable knowledge. 

While I was making this shift from blogger to business blogger, I realized that I didn’t have the time to stay on the hamster wheel of the never-ending blog to-do list. 

That’s when I started focusing on creating products, not chasing the social media traffic for ad income. 

The results were amazing!

As I began to put my focus on owning my own business, I got off the hamster wheel of the never-ending blog to-do list.

Instead, I found myself focusing on creating my products and becoming intentional about everything I did to build my authority in the three markets that I had a blog in. 

Even though I wasn’t doing what all bloggers do, including writing new blog posts, I saw my organic traffic increase. My subscribers not only increased but engaged with me for the first time. Most importantly, my income scaled from my own products.

Now, I teach bloggers how to start the BLOG TO BUSINESS™ journey for themselves.