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I teach content creators, digital product creators, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs the streamlined content and marketing strategies that builds desire for positioned offers to convert recurring customers, with pre-determined content boundaries. 

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Turning a Blog into a Business Requires STRATEGIES 
to Generate Dependable & Scalable Income.

To go beyond ad & affiliate income, you must focus 80% of your time on strategic content and the remaining 20% on creating business systems to generate dependable & scalable income.



Discover the 8 STEPS that will shortcut the time it takes your audience to become customers!



Discover where to spend your TIME so you are focused on income-generating tasks!

Focus on these actions to turn a blog into a business

with a strategic content flow that hones in on your zone of genius so that you can one day become a digital product line creator. 

From Filler Content to Converting Content

Create a digital product line that naturally increases the lifetime value of a customer by shortening the time from a cold audience to a converted customer by planning your content with a launch mindset that provides micro-decisions that equips your engaged audience to move forward, one digital product at a time.

Attract your target market by meeting them where they are so that you resonate and engage with them while keeping their attention in a strategic way that moves them through the Know, Like, and Trust factor as you become ‘a one-of-a-kind’ influencer that evokes action that contributes to their desired result.


Grow your income with the #1 asset to an online business – an email list with nurturing content that influences the thought, opinion, and behavior of subscribers as you master your email service provider to build a navigation system based on your subscribers action.

Position your offers (call to actions) in front of your target market in a way that builds their desire so that you can convert even cold traffic into customers when they recognize your authority in their mind as THE SOURCE for your zone of genius content.

Discover content & marketing tips

“Building a business requires an investment of
time and money to get from where you are to where you want to go with solutions that shortcuts the time it takes to become profitable by eliminating unnecessary trial and error.”
Dollie Freeman

After spending nearly $60,000 and over 10,000 hours of learning and implementing in just 4 years alone all for the purpose of honing in on the marketing strategies to grow a digital product business, I quickly discovered the challenges of why so many wanna-be online successes give up on their desires so quickly.

The challenge is they are creating content that either creates a free seeking audience or a DIY list that never converts on the product offers because the content provided doesn’t evoke action to move forward.

You see, I’ve been studying human behavior and the secret to evoking action since 2018 and what I’ve found is missing when a blogger attempts to increase their income with digital products.

The secret is actively listening to your target market while organizing what they are saying in a system that aligns with your zone of genius.

Removing distractions and getting quiet in prayer, I honed my content and marketing strategies around this secret, my dependable income began to scale due to my customers recognizing that they need more of what I offer in a digital product line.

I’ve been perfecting these content and marketing strategies since 2017 while teaching them to clients. I’ve gone through a period of refining, revamping, rebranding, and gearing up for relaunching what has caused my audience and customers over at Charlotte Mason Mastery™ to say these things about my content.


“I have to say – you are SO talented. I’ve checked out so many online resources and nothing comes close to what I’ve learned from you in the past few days. It seems to come so natural to you – it’s obvious that the Holy Spirit is doing His thing in you and shining brightly. You can tell you’ve put a ton of work into what you do – that coupled with your communication style is a gift! Thank you for being obedient to God’s calling on your life.” Allison W. – The Homeschool Progress Workshop register 


I am blown away by your work! OMG. I’ve been through two videos so far, printed four gorgeous, chock-full booklets and can relate to so much! What?! Ad libbing!?!?! You are amazing at it! Your elocution, flow, and vocabulary are captivating! (And let me NOT tell you just how many CM courses I’ve taken over the years . Lol) To make you laugh , I will just say you can have my first born grandbaby whenever that happens . Lol. I cannot wait to see what this membership is offering- because I know it will be fabulous.” Amy H, – The Charlotte Mason Elementary Planning Framework Client 


I’m excited to really streamline my planning and I feel that you have helped me a lot so far! Thank you for always being open to answering all my questions (even if I need the same answers multiple times) and your complete willingness to help me with different situations that come up in my homeschool planning! Your passion for the CM educational method and how implementing it fully prepares children for the real world is palpable. It’s very evident that you care about us homeschool moms!!” Aanna J – The Charlotte Mason Mastery Planning Framework Client


The truth is if you are putting in more than 5 hours a week on your blog but you’re not seeing any growth in your INCOME, you are attracting free seekers and fostering DIYers on your list?

Content should generate dependable & scalable income that grows YOUR BUSINESS, not someone else’s business.

Now, let me ask you this question… 

If you are making income from ad revenue and affiliate marketing, what would your business look like if suddenly both of these streams of incomes completely disappeared?

Would you still have dependable income each and every month? 

In 2016, I was forced to answer this question honestly when a sabotaging host flatlined my blog for weeks that resulted in ripples effects that flatlined my ad revenue and affiliate income for six months because I was blacklisted by top ad companies and Pinterest – my top traffic referral. 

My digital product sales flatlined as well because I didn’t have marketing strategies to know how to convert my list into customers. 

A blogging friend told me to create more digital products for the Charlotte Mason market but at the time, I really thought my digital course and planner were all they needed. With full transparency, I realized that it was fear holding me back because these products were only collecting virtual dust or season sales when I discounted them greatly.

That is NOT how to build a business with a blog.

Needless to say, that year was a pivoting year for me.

That is when I committed to become a business-minded blogger with content and marketing strategies interwoven into everything that I did moving forward. 

I went all in on designing a digital product line and left traffic marketing for ad income & unaligned affiliate marketing behind to create a scalable business that has 8 digital courses, 1 membership, 1 annual live event, a planner, digital books, and will be launching physical curriculum in the spring of 2022.

The key is that ALL of these digital products are making me dependable & scalable income each and every month with a eager audience awaiting my physical curriculum next year.

The best part is that only two of these things were created before I pre-sold my 2nd digital course in 2018. The remaining digital products and LIVE event were all created in 2019 & 2020. 

Now, I teach Christian bloggers how to ethically serve their audience in a deep way that takes all their efforts to their bank account to generate dependable and scalable income, each and every month. 

Here’s YOUR Content Solution:

The Content Framework is a content flow strategy that naturally moves a cold audiences into a digital product line so that you can increase the lifetime value of your customers, one piece of content at a time. 

If you’re ready to stop giving away too much content, fostering a free seeking audience and list, and DIY subscribers, it is time to get strategic about your content. 

I can help you!

Get on the waitlist for when it becomes available.

MODULE ONE: The Zone of Genius Factor™

Define your knowledge, skills, and experience that niches you down into becoming THE SOURCE for your target market that solves one very specific problem that will give you the clarity you need to break through the glass ceiling even in a saturated market.

MODULE TWO: The Pain Point Formula™

Systemize your target markets pain point in a strategic way that will fuel all of your intentional content decisions so that you can attract your potential customers with resonating content that converts all your call to actions. 

MODULE THREE: The Digital Product Line Formula™

Organize your zone of genius into a ‘drag and drop’ formula that designs a proven strategic digital product line flow that naturally builds desire for your customers next steps. 

MODULE FOUR: The Content Launch Plan™

Create market-directed content for three years that can be repurposed in a repetitive cycle that protects your digital product line, without tiring out your loyal fans.

MODULE FIVE: The Serve Approach™

Construct core-marketing content that delivers a 5-Day workshop (challenge, bootcamp, or whatever you desire to call it) that can also be leveraged in any other marketing event, like a webinar or one or more video evergreen funnel.

MODULE SIX: The Positioned Offer™

Launch with confidence, as you go from serving to converting, with a positioned offer that has desire built into, even if it isn’t as polished as you desire it to be. 

The Content Framework™ Features:



Generate dependable and scalable income when consuming and implementing fits into the your life.



Eliminate wasted time by searching keyword or phases that leads you to right what you need with a click of a button.


Consume the content the way that you learn with downloadable video, audio, and transcripts right at your fingertips.

The Content Framework™ Bonuses:





Get the creator, of this ‘drag and drop’ formula, eyes and feedback on your digital product line decisions to ensure you have the correct content decisions before you spend your time creating your digital product line to ensure it has the potential to increase the lifetime value of your customers… NATURALLY!

If this sounds like what you’ve been missing, sign up to be notified of the FOUNDER’S enrollment happening September 24th! 

Hey! I’m Dollie…

When I began to blog in 2012, I had nearly $11,000 of local business debt, as a homeschool mom. Knowing nothing about blogging, business, content or marketing strategies, I became a student of what I didn’t know and was able to pay off that debt in just 2 years. 

It wasn’t until a sabotaging host flatlined my blog traffic for weeks, in 2016 that resulted in flatlining my income for six months while my business expenses were pilling up on my business credit card that I shifted my attention to taking digital product creation and marketing seriously.

I look back on this devastating time that had me contemplating to put my laptop away and give up on in blogging career. Now, I recognize this as the pivoting point to my scalable business because it led me to dedicate my time, tasks, and tools to digital product creation for dependable income I controlled.

My Journey to Owning a Scalable Business Positioned on a Blog

Once I got my income streams working again, I vowed that I was going to work strategically to generating dependable & scalable income with a digital product line.

Investing nearly $60,000 in my marketing education in just 3 years, I began to identified the mistakes that are common among bloggers that was holding me back from finally reaching goals that I thought my tasks would get to ‘eventually’ and immediately went to work to eliminate them from time, tasks, and tools.

Those changes resulted in generating dependable and scalable income for my business for the first time that allowed me to remove ALL ads, hone my affiliate marketing strategies and eliminate sponsor work from my blog schedule.

With space in my business hours, I began to developed a content flow strategy that changed everything for me!

Not only was I able to create a digital products that my audience purchased at launches, the sales continued to scale with each launch – without an affiliate team!

Since 2018, I’ve been perfecting my content flow strategy that removes the giving away too much dilemma I had faced for years and provided me with content and marketing strategies that generate 5 figure launches, with my own effort.

In 2020, I taught my content flow strategy to wanna be’s digital product creators who experienced 5-12% conversation rates with their first and second launches, by they were missing the 5-figure mark on launches.

So I paused launching my digital product line to refine the strategies to deliver on my experience, time and time again.

I’m gearing up for opening the doors to my digital product line that meets you where you are right now, while providing a fast track for those who are ready to go ALL in on turning their blogs into a business with a LIVE training and coaching program that takes you through my marketing and content strategies quickly so you can hit the ground running to experience dependable and scalable income in a short period of time.  

I’d be honored to coach you through the marketing and content strategies that streamlines everything you do around my content flow strategy.