Hey, I’m Dollie, Your Content Strategist!

I teach bloggers how to generate dependable & scalable income with content and marketing strategies centered around my content flow strategy so that they can convert their target market into customers, without giving away too much content to avoid creating free seekers and DIYer audiences. 

Turning a Blog into a Business Requires STRATEGIES 
to Generate Dependable & Scalable Income.

To go beyond ad & affiliate income, you must focus 80% of your time on strategic marketing and the remaining 20% on creating a digital product line to generate dependable & scalable income.



Discover the 8 STEPS that will shortcut the time it takes your audience to become customers!



Discover where to spend your TIME so you are focused on income-generating tasks!

Focus on these actions to turn a blog into a business

with a strategic content flow that hones in on your zone of genius so that you can one day become a digital product line creator. 

From Filler Content to Converting Content

Attract a broad audience by focusing on resonating with their pain points that keep them from finding their own solutions by serving your audience in a unique way that moves them through the Know, Like, and Trust factor as you become ‘an one of a kind influencer that evokes action that contributes to a result or outcome’.


Grow your list through strategic lead magnets and marketing content prior to launching a product while nurturing the subscriber relationship through a step-by-step approach through the know, like, and trust factor as you build trust as an authority to influence the thought, opinion, and behavior as you convert your audience into subscribers.

Create a content flow that converts your audience into a subscriber and then a customer by strategically crafting your free, reserved, marketing, and product line content that provides micro-decisions that helps your engaged audience to take action, one piece of content at a time. 

Position your content in front of your audience and subscribers in a way that builds their desire so that you can evoke action when they come across a strategic offer that builds your authority in their mind that positions you as THE SOURCE for your zone of genius content to convert them into customers. 

Discover marketing & content tips

“Building a business requires an investment of
time and money to get from where you are to where you want to go with solutions that shortcuts the time it takes to become profitable by eliminating unnecessary trial and error.”
Dollie Freeman

After spending nearly $60,000 and over 10,000 hours of learning and implementing in just 4 years alone all for the purpose of honing in on the marketing strategies to grow a digital product business, I quickly discovered the challenges of why so many wanna-be online successes give up on their desires so quickly.

The challenge is how they learn online.

You see, I’ve invested in top end digital courses that flow into backend coaching models more times than most. 

There is a big problem with this common practice within this digital product models.

The implementing process through a digital course community is being directing by peers who are learning aside you. The Q&A sessions packaged in these digital courses are for clarity, not holding your hand through making the strategies work for your unique scenario.

There is a conversion strategy to this digital product model that moves motivated customers into the backend coaching program where real transformation can happen as you get more clarity around how to do this within your business.  


All digital products includes GROUP COACHING on Zoom plus a coaching community, because your success shouldn’t be in the hands of your peers who are in the same phase of their business as you are at the moment. 

I’m committed to my clients from the start so that I can shortcut the tangible transformation™ that awaits you in the phase of your business based on the money and time budget you’re willing to invest in your success. 

Introducing Your Blog to Business® Solutions:

PHASE ZERO: No Dependable Blog Income

(Requirement:  You need a blog and a desire to a proven path to income while investing 5 hours a month to learn and implement.)

DETAILS: A monthly coaching membership that teaches the business habits of how to identify the time, tasks, and tools needed to turn a blog into a business to generate dependable income by developing a mindset for affiliate marketing, sponsorship work, and ad income. 

INVESTMENT: $1,000 (annual)

PROMISED RESULT: A business mindset of where to spend your time, the tasks that generate dependable income, and the tools you should use and create to run a profitable business.

PHASE ONE: No Engaged Audience

(Requirement:  You need an Email Service Provide, a Facebook Page and a willingness to do LIVE video, while investing 10 hours a week to learn and implement.)

DETAILS: A 6-month coaching program that teaches the proven content strategies to define your zone of genius in a unique way that helps you to stand out in a saturate market, even if you’ve never been able to penetrate the glass ceiling for years to convert your audience into subscribers, customers, and members to generate dependable income by offering strategies lead magnets, tripwires and a converting membership module that works at the front and backend of your digital product line.


PROMISED RESULT: A live show that can be leveraged as blog content and repurposed for other social media content, lead magnets design to convert into income, and creating your own digital product membership, with an evergreen launch strategy built-in.

PHASE TWO: No Digital Product Line

(Requirement:  You need a Knowledge Based Product Idea, a Business Cart, a Payment Gateway and a willing to
do live or pre-recorded video training while investing
15-hours a week to learn and implement.)

DETAILS: A 12-month coaching program that teaches the proven content strategies to outline TWO types of digital product lines that streamlines what you offer to your audience by a content flow strategy designed to meet your audience where they are with solutions to keep moving them through your BLOG TO BUSINESS® Tangible Transformation™


PROMISED RESULT: A content strategy to host a LIVE 5-Day Workshop with 2 weeks of product-focused content strategy to fill your workshop that leads into your Digital Product Line with a designed converting package and an annual launch plan strategy for open and closed cart.

PHASE THREE: No Content Launch Strategy

(Requirement:  You need a thoroughly laid out digital product line concept or a completed digital product, while investing 10 hours a week to learn and implement.)

DETAILS: A 12-month coaching program that teaches the proven content strategies for on-going workshop launches that ensures you don’t create a FREE SEEKING or DIY mindset so that you can strategically move your audience through your free and reserved content before opening registration to your previously offered 5-Day Workshop that flows directly into your digital product line.


PROMISED RESULT: A 13- week content launch plan with alternations for additional launch plans to guide your content decisions for your on-going LIVE shows, newsletters, lead magnets, and social media content.  

FAST TRACK PHASE: No Business Plan

(Requirement:  You have a desire to dedicate 20-30 hours a week to learn and implement phase zero through three to shortcut the time it takes you to turn your blog into a business with dependable and scalable income.)

DETAILS: A 12-month coaching program that teaches you all the content and marketing strategies found inside The Business-Minded Blogger, The Stand Out Approach Plan, The Digital Product Line Formula, and the Content Launch Plan, plus evergreen list building offers strategies, assessment strategies, content refining strategies, and affiliate team building strategies, 

INVESTMENT: $12,000 annually

PROMISED RESULT: A cohesive business plan as your blog as the center hub with scalable strategies that directs all of your decisions so that you can change lives for a living while creating a life of freedom for your family.  

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Hey! I’m Dollie…

When I began to blog in 2012, I had nearly $11,000 of local business debt, as a homeschool mom. Knowing nothing about blogging, business, content or marketing strategies, I became a student of what I didn’t know and was able to pay off that debt in just 2 years. 

It wasn’t until a sabotaging host flatlined my blog traffic for weeks, in 2016 that resulted in flatlining my income for six months while my business expenses were pilling up on my business credit cart that I shifted my attention to taking digital product creation and marketing seriously.

I look back on this devastating time that had me contemplating to put my laptop away and give up on in blogging career. Now, I recognize this as the pivoting point to my scalable business because it led me to dedicate my time, tasks, and tools to digital product creation for dependable income I controlled.

My Journey to Owning a Scalable Business Positioned on a Blog

Once I got my income streams working again, I vowed that I was going to work strategically to generating dependable & scalable income with a digital product line.

Investing nearly $60,000 in my marketing education in just 3 years, I began to identified the mistakes that are common among bloggers that was holding me back from finally reaching goals that I thought my tasks would get to ‘eventually’ and immediately went to work to eliminate them from time, tasks, and tools.

Those changes resulted in generating dependable and scalable income for my business for the first time that allowed me to remove ALL ads, hone my affiliate marketing strategies and eliminate sponsor work from my blog schedule.

With space in my business hours, I began to developed a content flow strategy that changed everything for me!

Not only was I able to create a digital products that my audience purchased at launches, the sales continued to scale with each launch – without an affiliate team!

Since 2018, I’ve been perfecting my content flow strategy that removes the giving away too much dilemma I had faced for years and provided me with content and marketing strategies that generate 5 figure launches, with my own effort.

In 2020, I taught my content flow strategy to wanna be’s digital product creators who experienced 5-12% conversation rates with their first and second launches, by they were missing the 5-figure mark on launches.

So I paused launching my digital product line to refine the strategies to deliver on my experience, time and time again.

I’m gearing up for opening the doors to my digital product line that meets you where you are right now, while providing a fast track for those who are ready to go ALL in on turning their blogs into a business with a LIVE training and coaching program that takes you through my marketing and content strategies quickly so you can hit the ground running to experience dependable and scalable income in a short period of time.  

I’d be honored to coach you through the marketing and content strategies that streamlines everything you do around my content flow strategy.